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My name is Alayna Grady and I teach in both the Language Arts & Humanities Division as well as the Business Information System Division at Seminole State College in Seminole, Oklahoma. I designed this wikispace in order to share the information I used to teach at the high school level with other teachers and students. I am constantly updating this wikispace and it shall always remain a work in progress. The links in the left-hand sidebar include lessons that I designed and taught for the Harrah Public School system in Harrah, Oklahoma.

Work History:
My work history includes teaching at various public schools in Oklahoma and Texas. I have also worked in the insurance and investments industry and I have contracted for the USAF in the technology field. I currently teach Intro to Microcomputers, Elementary Spanish I & II both online and in the classroom at SSC.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Spanish and a Master's degree in Educational Instructional Psychology and Technology. My specialties include Instructional Technology, Computer Supported Learning Environments, Instructional Design, and Professional Development. I consider teaching to be my greatest hobby and I spend countless hours learning the latest trends supporting technology in the classroom as well as in business. I have listed some courses that I believe have helped me the most to become a 21st Century Classroom educator.

Educational Instructional Psychology & Technology

University of Oklahoma

  • Instructional Development & Learning Systems (EIPT 6143)
  • Development of Instructional Software (EIPT 6313)
  • Instructional Design (EIPT 6163)
  • Advanced Instructional Software (EIPT 6343)
  • Educational Psychology & Human Learning (EIPT 6111 & 6112)
  • Instructional Telecommunications (EIPT 5403)
  • Educational Psychology - Adolescence (EIPT 5173)
  • Management of Instructional Technology (EIPT 6173)
  • Computer Supported Learning Environments (EIPT 6333)
  • Designing Text-Based Instruction (EIPT 6503)

I also volunteer my time to teach in the community of Prague at the Haynie Public Library. I teach computer classes to all age groups over a variety of topics. I try to offer at least one to two classes per month. Some of the topics include: Microsoft applications, Internet browsers, Apple and Google applications, Social networking sites, Photo editing, Wikispaces, etc. I design the classes to meet the needs of anyone attending. Some people may not know how to turn on a computer and others may want to understand how to better manage documents in the Cloud. I love volunteering my time to the community.

If you would like to contact me, my work email address is: a.grady@sscok.edu

Love of Learning