Intro to Excel

Follow the steps below to complete this introductory lesson:
1. Open Microsoft Excel to create a spreadsheet
A spreadsheet is a “number manipulator.” To make the manipulation of numbers easier all spreadsheets are organized into rows and columns.
Notice that the “main” part of the spreadsheet is composed of Rows (Labeled 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) and Columns (Labeled A, B, C, D, etc.). There are a lot of rows and columns in a spreadsheet. The “intersection” of each row and column is called a cell.
2. Now go to the cells as indicated below and type-in the following:
Cl (Your Name)'s Budget.
Do not tap Enter when you finish. At any point, if you do not see the entire word when typing, go to the top of your spreadsheet and click on the column borders and drag them to the desired location so that all the letters in your box appear.
3. Now we'll continue making some entries. Move to the following cells and type-in the information indicated.

Cell Type-in
B4 Parents
B5 Job
B6 Investments
B7 Total

B11 Food
B12 Beverages
B13 Parties
B14 Miscellaneous

4. Next to each of your items listed in the B column you are going to add a number in the C column. So, next to parents in the C column, type an amount your parents give you for allowance or entertainment in a month. Make up amounts for all the items listed under the B column. Do not total the amounts.
5. Go to C7 and type the following: =sum (c4:c6)
6. Click enter and go to C 15
7. Type the following: =sum (c11:c14)
8. Click enter
9. Go to Format, Cells and Border to select a border of your choice.
10. Save and print your document