Advanced Computer Technology & Personal Finance

Course Syllabus

Mrs. Grady


Purpose of Course

The purpose of this course is to educate you in current technology and personal finance. Being proficient at Microsoft software applications will enable you to broaden your employment opportunities as well as increase competency in most of your educational courses. Personal finance will teach you the skills needed to make smart monetary decisions as an individual or family unit.

Course Objectives

By the end of this year, you will be able to identify parts of a computer, understand how to load and run Microsoft applications which include Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher. You will discuss internet safety, future careers and goals. You will create cards, newsletters and spreadsheets. You will learn about budgeting, buying, saving and investing.

Instructional Materials

Textbooks include Microsoft Office 2007 and Personal Finance. You will be required to reference both books as well as internet resources during class. You will be required to keep a folder in class that will contain your completed work.

Timetable for Completion of Assignments

The majority of your work will be due at the end of each class period. Each class consists of 1-2 lessons that are assigned at the beginning of each hour. You are also asked to complete a daily blog that will increase your keyboarding accuracy.

Each lesson is designed to allow for the most advanced student and the least advanced to complete by the end of the hour, so staying on task is one of your most important jobs in this class. If you enjoy playing around on the net, you will likely fall behind.

Evaluation of Student Achievement

The letter grade you receive is numerically stated in your student handbook. All work is graded on a cumulative point scale.

General Rules

Arrive on time, seated and prepared.
Respect your teacher and classmates.
Follow directions and raise your hand or send me a chat request if you are lost!