Computer Terminology


The actual computer is the rectangular box that stores all the information. The computer is not the screen. The screen is referred to as the monitor. This is a common mistake made in computer terminology. The keyboard is the device that features the alphabet and other characters for typing. The mouse is on the right and is used to move around the screen while working. There is a slot on the computer for a floppy disk and another for a cd. Both slots are referred to as drives. You will need to purchase a few floppy disks or a flash drive to use for saving information in this class.

There are printers located throughout the classroom and each computer is connected to the internet. It is important that you follow the school rules when using the internet in class or you will lose your privileges. You should have an internet policy form on file with your classroom teacher.

There will be times when you have to troubleshoot your computer. In this class, it is important that you understand the term and how to perform this action. Troubleshooting means you discover and eliminate the cause of trouble in mechanical equipment. In some cases you may have to reconnect some of the devices mentioned above. For example, you may need to reconnect your mouse cord. Most of the devices connected to the back of your computer have only one port that will fit the specific cord and it is usually color coded making it easier for the troubleshooter to find.

Your computer has an on/off button, but is only used when starting the computer. When stopping the computer, you should always go to the start menu and select the option to shut down rather than turning off the computer. Your computer is programmed to sweep information when you choose to shut down.
You are not allowed to have food or drink in this classroom. Liquids will cause a computer to malfunction and food will result in a nasty keyboard.