Social Bookmarking & Fact Checking

Today you are going to register to an online storage for bookmarked or favorite websites. Sometimes in the working world you may be assigned to one or two computers or you may have more than one computer at home. For example, I have 2 at home and 2 at work. So, in order for me to keep from having to bookmark the websites I visit on every computer this space called DELICIOUS makes it easier. It's also great for you because you may not sit at the same computer all of the time in your classroom.

1. Click below to get started


2. Follow the steps to add buttons and import bookmarks. You can skip this step if you so choose.

3. Once you are set up, you should see options at the top to look at fresh and popular bookmarks from other people that use this site. Tags is another option at the top on the Home screen that allows you to search words or phrases that people call their bookmarks. For example, if I like a website that shows information about touring Europe, the tag might be called Travel.

4. Open another tab and go to the class website (this page) and add a new bookmark. Your teacher will guide you through this process. Then, add the sign in bookmark.

5. You may share bookmarks with other members and you can see how many people like you have bookmarked certain pages. If you want to create a public profile, you may do so by clicking on the settings. If you want to share bookmarks with someone, they can go to your profile to see the websites you enjoy.

Your last assignment today is to go to the link below and read what the site says about chain emails currently in the news. Then navigate through all of the icons at the top of the website. You may see some emails you have even received and you can check their validity.