You may have created a profile page before from home if you are familiar with MySpace or Facebook. A profile is a page online that states your personal information and sometimes a picture. In your Gaggle email, you are given a space to create a profile located in the "Jump To" menu.

Today, you are going to set up a profile on Gaggle and Google. Start by going to Profile Pages under the Jump To menu of your email.

1. Click on My Personal Profile and Edit Personal Profile

2. Enter only information you want to share

3. For an example of a profile you may look at mine if you go to the Jump To menu and go to your blog. Click on the top of your blog page where you see HHS and you will see the option to view blogs and profiles.

Now you are going to do something similar with iGoogle. First go to the link below to begin.


1. First you are going to create an account

2. Please remember your password or use the same one you chose for Gaggle.

3. Follow the steps to create an account and then select things/gadgets you want to see on your screen display by "adding" items.

4. Your teacher will guide you through this process.

5. Each day you enter class, you can open your iGoogle and see things like the current weather in Harrah, your horoscope, news on CNN or anything else you choose as important.

6. Notice at the top of the screen there are links to Images, Videos, Maps, etc.

7. Click at the top on the arrow that says "more" and scroll down to calendar. This is an agenda that belongs to you. If you want to use it for assignments, it is free since you have an iGoogle account.

8. Now click on Documents at the top. This is a place to store assignments or share documents. So, if you have a document you want to share with someone, you can allow them permission to view and/or edit the same document if they also have an iGoogle account.

9. Please look at all of the tabs at the top of iGoogle to discover the possibilities.

10. Finally, send your teacher an email stating that you have created a profile page in BOTH Gaggle and iGoogle.