Career Research

In this lesson, you will select a career based on the information you learned in your career test. Then, you will research that career and answer the questions below in an email. The purpose of this exercise is to learn to cut and paste information, save a sent email in an email folder and gain an understanding of the workforce.
STEP 1 Open 2 internet tabs
In the first browser tab, open your email in gaggle. Now, open a new internet tab. In this tab, you will go to the following address: Career Information
STEP 2 Research your career
Read about the different types of careers based on your personality. For example, if your test results predicted that you would be interested in helping people, click on the helping people icon to learn about the different types of careers that are associated with helping people. If you disagree with those results, click on any of the icons that you want to know more about or go to this website to click on a career: A-Z Careers. Using the results from your test will help you determine what you might be good at in the workforce, but finding a job you enjoy is most important. When you have found a career that you want to know more about, find the answer to the following questions and move on to step 3.
1. What is the job like?
2. How do you get ready or prepare for the job?
3. How much does the job pay?
4. Are there other jobs like this?
5. Why would you like this job?
STEP 3 How to cut and paste
First, you need to email the questions and answers above to your teacher. Then, you need to find a couple of sentences from the career you chose to copy as an answer to the questions above. You should only type the answer to number 5. Everything else will be copied and pasted.
Holding your right button on the mouse, click and drag the cursor to highlight the questions above. After you highlight all 5 questions, left click to copy the questions. Go to your compose mail internet tab and in the body of the email, right click to paste the questions. You should see all 5 questions in the email. If you have difficulty with this step, ask your teacher for help.
Answer the questions by going to the career internet browser and looking for a few sentences that will answer each question. Go back to your email and paste the answers.

You will have to type the answer to number 5, then send the email to your teacher. Please do not send a novel.

It is important to understand that acknowledgements have been given for the information you are copying. If you do not acknowledge the writer or artist of material that you copy on the internet, you are responsible for plagiarism. Plagiarism is a serious crime and should not be taken lightly. ALWAYS REFERENCE MATERIAL.
STEP 4 How to create a folder
After sending the email, you need to save your sent message in a folder that you will create. Your message is automatically saved in the sent file. However, you will need to empty this from time to time and you will want to save some emails that you need for work when you start to use Microsoft Word.
Create a new folder called Assignments if you have not already done so by now.
Go to your sent messages, open the message you sent your teacher for this lesson, click on it and move it to the Assignments folder.
In the left column of your Gaggle account, you will also see the title of the folder you created along with all of your default folders. Click on your new folder and see if the email you sent is there.
If you have any questions for the steps above, do not hesitate to ask for help from your teacher.