Reflection & Opinion

In this lesson, you will send your teacher an email with your feedback for each lesson. This lesson is simply a review for all the lessons learned in this unit.

For example, you will number 1-9 in your email and if you still don't understand what a particular part of the computer does, you will type that next to number 1 in the email. If you still aren't sure how to comment on a blog that is a fellow classmate's, you would type that next to number 3 in your email. Also, include your opinion of the lesson. If you enjoyed learning the lesson on using email or you enjoy using email in computer tech, then type that next to number 2 in your email.

You will be writing a short paragraph, so this is an example of what NOT to do:
"I learned a lot in lesson 1. Hated it."

Instead, you need to elaborate about what EXACTLY you learned and why you did or did not like the lesson. If your responses aren't substantial, you will receive a reply to redo the lesson.